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👋 hi, i'm riley

 I am an Austin-based Web Developer specializing in UI/UX design, driven by a purpose to reshape the designer's role. Beyond mere aesthetics, I excel at transforming static mockups into dynamic web applications with careful consideration of user experience and client expectations.

Drawing on my expertise in front-end development, notably in WordPress, I reliably tackle intricate business problems while mentoring others to do the same. Join forces with me to craft visually stunning creations that leave a lasting imprint on the realms of design and development.

👨‍💻 I developed my first full stack web app using React.js!

Think of it as a message board that has functionality to dynamically call a database—Supabase—users can contribute facts, upvote and downvote facts based on their perceived truthfulness, cite their source, and sort by taxonomies.

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