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CSI Web App was designed and developed in Q1-Q2 2021. I utilized the existing content from the legacy website and analyzed the business needs of the organization to reimagine a user-centric interface that drove traffic and lead conversions to our sales team. This mobile-first design was created to be clear, concise, practical and easy to navigate.










Web App

The Problem

CSI's legacy website, which had been in place since the early 2000's, was not equipped to provide mobile access for end-users. It was clunky, based on outdated technology, and was unable to drive lead traffic to our CRM, HubSpot. We needed a complete makeover. 

iMac Pro Right Side View Mockup.png

The Goal

Design, prototype and test the web app user flow to determine which path taken by a prototypical user will result in the most interaction on marketing and sales CTAs. 

Analyzing Hot Spots

One of the aims for the redesign was to draw the user’s attention to a specific area or spot on the screen to invite them to take an action. From a marketing perspective, this is important to create new opportunities and funnel potential leads through the sales funnel.

iPhone 12 Pro Mockup Front View.png
iPhone 12 Mockup Front View.png

More coming soon...

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